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Bonafiglia Residence Renovation

Geneva, NY

Welch Construction participated in the renovation of this multi-million dollar estate by providing reinforced concrete work while coordinating with numerous contractors present on the site. The original single story Southwestern style home was transformed into an Italian style Villa. The original footprint of the home was kept, but was enlarged and a second story was added. We constructed building foundations, retaining walls, exterior stair cases, architectural walls and plazas. "Villa Fondi" was showcased in the Design NY Magazine.


Aynor, SC

The shell of this building was originally built in 2010 by Horry County.  In 2013, we up-fit the interior for Horry County to house PTR Industries.  58,610 square feet of concrete slab was installed in two pours to create the finished floor.  3,500 square feet of office space was constructed at the existing front entry and several other interior spaces specialized for the tenant’s manufacturing and operational needs.  The up-fit included the installation of new plumbing, mechanical, fire suppression, electrical and lighting systems.  Exterior improvements included the construction of a loading dock, asphalt parking area, and concrete paving

Syracuse Veteran's Medical Center
Sidewalk Sealing and Repair

Syracuse, New York

Under this contract we replaced concrete sidewalks, installed new non-slip metal stair treads, furnished pipe bollards, reset brick pavers, repaired the concrete deck in the parking garage, and replaced caulked joints in sidewalks and curbs. The most prominent portion of this project was the renovation we made at the main entrance to the facility. We removed brick pavers, cleaned and reset granite slabs, and cleaned and painted the railings surrounding the flag poles. This location is both highly visible and of particular importance to the veterans who are either patients or visitors.

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