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Huhtamaki  Packaging Worldwide

Fulton, New York

We have been performing work at this packaging manufacturer for over twenty years. From complete tear-offs to patching we've maintained the roofs at the facility year round. This facility is a food-grade manufacturing plant that requires a high level of cleanliness to be maintained at all times. During roof replacements we must prevent any dust or construction debris from contaminating both the manufacturing process, and the finished products.

Nestle / New York Chocolate Company

Fulton, NY

Welch Construction, Inc. held a presence in the Nestle Chocolate manufacturing plant for over 30 years. From roofing, to machinery relocation and installment, we were there. In early 2003 Nestle decided to close its doors on the Fulton, NY manufacturing plant. New York Chocolate and Confections purchased the building and equipment before deciding to sell the property and its assets in 2010. After items were purchased, we were given the task to dismantle hundreds of machines, and miscellaneous equipment items used in the process of chocolate making. The machines were numbered, parts categorized, crated, and shipped to locations all around the world. We managed the entire relocation process; from dismantlement, to trucking and shipping out of nearby ports for global exporting.

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